7 Underrated Movies You Still Want To Watch In 2021

7 underrated movies 2019

We can all agree that Endgame was one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. And some of them got overshadowed by the massive success Marvel delivered. Here are some underrated movies we might think you missed and is worth a shot! You might be surprised and end up finding a future cult favorite.

7 Underrated Movies

Hail Satan?

Underrated Movies You Still Want To Watch

This movie was released in mid-April and is one of those titles that has been gaining steam silently. This documentary-style movie revolves around the political, social, and ideological goals of the Temple of Satan. This humorous primer is full of trolling, and cartoons, and wit that will keep you entertained the whole time.

Alita: Battle Angel

alita battle angel movie

This movie came out on Valentine’s Day and contrary to most releases at the time, it is not a love story. Alita is a cyborg that was discovered in the trash heap a by a scientist weighed down by grief. The plot is a mix of the sci-fi maze runner theme mixed in with a bit of the hunger games. Though it takes a bit of a learning curve to understand, this is the type of alternate reality that brings in the big bucks and can turn into a franchise.


fyre movie documentary

Fyre instantly brings to mind the debacle that was the Fyre Festival. While there were 2 documentaries about it last year, this movie actually walks you through the thought and idea behind the events. You get the sense that the scam is never-ending, but you just won’t want to stop watching. This was released at the start of this year and is still available for viewing.


Us came out in late March of this year and has been gaining popularity like a steamroller. This mix of horror and comedy appeals to a wide audience making it a true cult favorite. The movie starts off with a home invasion that turns into something out of the twilight zone as events move along. There are so many narrative leaps in logic that you never know what to expect.


transit movie 2019

If you like psychological thrillers then this movie is perfect. Released in early March, this film follows a German refugee who pretends to be a famous person to get to Mexico. The story originally hails from Anna Seghers written in 1942 but is adapted for the screen and to fit the times.

Birds of Passage

Gangster movies are always epic, and this one is no different. There are epic gun battles, double-crosses, and heartbreak to keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie is perfect for 420 lovers since it follows the trade of the early ’70s.

Fast Color

fast color movie wallpaper

Endgame has all the superheroes, but Fast Color has a new set of its own to make you fall in love. This family is riddled with a range of superpowers, and they are trying to escape the clutches of an evil scientist. There are plenty of regular down-to-earth scenes filled with family drama to make the whole movie come together while also making you wish for more.