The Benefits Of Matcha Tea

matcha tea

Green tea has been used for holistic purposes for ages, but the new tea in town that has recently gained popularity is Matcha tea.

What is Matcha Tea?

Most popular tea’s all come from the same plant, and Matcha is no different. Matcha tea is created by taking green tea leaves when they are young and grinding them down into a powder. To prepare the beverage, the powder is then infused with hot water.  The bright green color of the leaves is a result of the plant being grown in the shade which increases the amount of nutritious chlorophyll in the leaves.

Why is Matcha Tea Beneficial?

All green tea is full of nutritious antioxidants. Those specific to green tea leaves are call catechins. Studies have shown that they are effective in fighting the effects of cancer, preventing heart disease, boosting weight loss, and even reducing the effects of type 2 diabetes. Green tea and Matcha tea have both been linked to a decrease in blood pressure when taken over time as well as lowered bad cholesterol levels.

The Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Is Matcha Better Than Green Tea?

Matcha is a form of green tea, so its benefits are similar. With regular green tea, the leaves are brewed and then removed. With Matcha tea, you are consuming the whole leaf so the benefits are amplified. Matcha tea also contains more caffeine than regular green tea which can offer additional benefits.  Green tea and Matcha tea also have a drastic price difference with the latter being much more costly.

How Does It Taste?

High-quality pure Matcha tea has a smooth texture and a very bright green color. Lower end Matcha tea may appear more yellow and is grainy to the touch. Pure Matcha is naturally sweet while lower-end Matcha is bitter.

Are There Side Effects?

There is a concern regarding the lead content found in tea leaves. Green teas, including Matcha tea, have a higher concentration of lead compared to other tea blends. Most higher-end blends have a low concentration, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.