3 Places Everyone Should Visit This Summer

Places Everyone Should Visit

When you think of summer the first thing that comes to mind is days spent idling away on the beach or traveling across the country on a family vacation. Choosing the best place to spend your summer is not always easy. Thankfully, we are here to lend a hand. Check out our list of the top three places you should visit this summer to turn your lazy days into an epic adventure.

3 Places Everyone Should Visit This Summer


Most people think about visiting Colorado in the winter, but very few realize it is a paradise for those looking to get away from their ordinary routine during the summer. Colorado is a delight to visit starting from the middle of May. The temperatures are moderate which makes it easy to partake in fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and more. There are also many luxurious cabins, hotels, and bed & breakfast locations to complete your dreamy summertime sojourn. Check out Mesa Verde National Park, catch a show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or even visit Colorado Springs for a trip that is sure to be memorable.

Marseille, France

For those looking for a more romantic place to spend the summer, France tops the list. Marseille is in the heart of the country and is connected to the port. Of all the spots in France, Marseille is one of the most picturesque to spend the summer.

The town has 1,500 years of history for you to explore along with a range of cultural delights for the whole family. The climate is sedated during the summer months, and the best time to visit is in July so be sure to book your lodging in advance. Take your family hiking at Calanque de Morgiou or visit Notre-Dame de la Garde, whatever you choose, it is sure to be a summer you will not forget.

Elqui Valley, Chile

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience for your summer vacation, then head for Elqui Valley, Chile at the start of July. There will be a total eclipse July 2nd, due to the unique lack of artificial lighting, Elqui Valley is the perfect place to observe it. Being hailed as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world, Elqui Valley is home to dozens of observatories making it a perfect draw for stargazers and scientists alike. Aside from the sky watching, there are wineries, nature trails and other entertainment available for visitors all year long.