How to make espresso martini

epsresso martini cocktail

The Espresso Martini is a classic cocktail drink made from a mixture of espresso coffee, sugar syrup, vodka, and coffee liqueur. The presence of the espresso coffee and coffee liqueur makes the cocktail to be strongly coffee-flavored. According to its history, the Espresso martini was created as a drink to keep a person awake. It was believed that the cocktail drink was first served by a bartender – Dick Bradsel, who was based in London in the early eighties. The bartender who worked at Soho Brasserie said a famous model strolled into the club and asked him to make a drink that could wake her up and make her drunk. There was a coffee maker close to where he was tending the bar, so he decided to mix the coffee liqueur with vodka and espresso.  

After that, he named the drink “Vodka Espresso” because the ingredients he used in mixing it were coffee liqueur, vodka, sugar syrup, and freshly made espresso. The drink was later renamed “Espresso Martini” because during this period, any mixed drink served in a V-shaped glass was referred to as a martini. Later in the later years of the nineties, Dick Bradsel changed the name again to “Pharmaceutical Stimulant” while he was working in Notting Hill at the Pharmacy Bar. 

Ever since its first appearance in the eighties, this drink has been served in various outings, club parties, meetings, and so on. It is being referred to by its three initial names in various parts of the world. Still, there are now minor modifications to the ingredients being used in its preparation.  

How to Make an Espresso Martini  


The recommended quantity of ingredients needed to prepare the Espresso Martini according to Difford’s guide is: 

  1. 43ml of vodka (1½ ounces).  
  2. 21ml of hot brewed espresso coffee (¾ ounce).  
  3. 21ml or ¾ ounce of coffee-flavored liqueur (Kahlua).  
  4. 9.5ml of sugar syrup (⅓ ounce).  
  5. A cup of ice.  
  6. Coffee beans for garnishing.  
  7. Mint rings for garnishing.  
How to make espresso martini

Preparation Procedures: 

  1. First, prepare the sugar syrup if you do not have one. You will need just caster sugar and water for the syrup.
  2. Pour the caster sugar into a small pan and place over medium heat.  
  3. Next, add water and stir.
  4. Leave the mixture to boil.  
  5. When it is boiled, put off the heat and allow it to cool.  
  6. Place the martini glass to be used in a refrigerator to get chilled.  
  7. Then, fill the cocktail shaker with ice.  
  8. Next, add the prepared sugar syrup and the other ingredients into the shaker filled with ice.  
  9. Shake hard until the mixture is chilled.  
  10. Strain and pour into the chilled martini or cocktail glass. You should see a nice foam on the top of the mixture.  
  11. You can add coffee beans or mint rings to the foam to garnish it if you wish.  
  12. Enjoy your cocktail.  

Preparation instructions: 

  1. You should prepare and chill your espresso coffee before the mixing of the Espresso Martini. This will reduce ice dilution and make you enjoy a more chilled and delicious drink.  
  2. When shaking the ingredients, make sure to shake well to get a frothy and soft layer of bubbles on the top of your cocktail.  
  3. Prepare your cocktail with quality vodka. Vodka is an essential ingredient in the espresso martini, so you should get the best one that can add more flavor and taste to your cocktail.