How is cocoa butter made?

How is cocoa butter made

How is cocoa butter made?

Cocoa butter is a very popular natural ingredient, used in many skin creams and moisturizers. Creams containing cocoa butter (also known as cocoa butter) feel silky and luxurious when you gently rub them into your skin and have a sweet and appealing chocolate fragrance too. The good news is that not only do you feel lovely, but you also really nourish the skin on your face and body, and it is beneficial to apply them several times a day. 

Cocoa beans have long been used in medicine 

Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans and has been used in medicines for more than 3,000 years. 

Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat and although it is called ‘butter’ it contains no dairy products, making it ideal for vegans to use. Cocoa butter is a 100% natural beauty product that contains 60% saturated fatty acids and many nutrients including oleic acid which helps protect the skin from pollutants in the environment and phytochemicals that help the skin heal. 

What is good news is that cocoa butter is 100% plant-based, with so many positive benefits, how is cocoa butter made?  

Extracting the cocoa butter 

The cocoa beans are removed from the larger cacao pod and then roasted. The outer hulls are carefully removed to reveal the nibs, these are then ground into a paste, which is pressed to release the precious fat – the cocoa butter. How cocoa butter is made has changed very little over the years, nothing goes to waste because all the solids are finely milled to be used as cocoa powder. How is cocoa butter made? The answer is sustainably, because it is plant-based, and its production has no negative impact on our planet at all. 

Great nourishment for your skin 

Regularly using cocoa butter can help keep your skin hydrated which will make it look younger and smoother and helps it retain its suppleness. Scientists have found that cocoa butter forms a thin protective film over the skin that helps keep the moisture from escaping. Cocoa butter can really help smooth wrinkles because it is rich in Vitamin E and contains squalene which helps replenish the skin and stimulates collagen production which will keep skin plump, firm, and youthful. 

Cocoa butter is natural so can be used on all skin types and can help ease chapped skin, eczema, and other conditions.  

Applying cocoa butter on your stomach when you are pregnant helps prevent stretch marks or at the very least minimizes them. Cocoa butter can help make scars and burns less noticeable. Cocoa butter in lip balms can effectively rehydrate lips and keep them well moisturized and looking lovely. This natural product is certainly a ‘wonder cream.’ 

And hair too…. 

If it is not only your skin that is looking dry, but you will be surprised and delighted to learn that cocoa butter is good for hydrating hair too. Whether your hair is naturally dry or has become dry and dull because of coloring or use of a hot hair drier. Simply heat a little cocoa butter very gently to make it a runny consistency, mix with a little botanical oil or olive oil and apply to your hair. Leave the cocoa butter in your hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse out your hair and enjoy the difference. 

Once you have discovered the many benefits of using cocoa butter, you will always have a pot in your bathroom….